How to Earn

How to Earn

Learn the fastest and easy ways of earning

It is easy to start earning on Empac Affiliate.
Follow these three steps and start making money from Empac Affiliate 24/7.
    1. Create an account.
The first step is to create an account by filling out the short form as either affiliate or a vendor. Vendors also can earn as an affiliate and, at the same time, have the option to add products and also set campaigns or ads.

    2. Promote your affiliate links.
After you set up your account, grab your affiliate links and start promoting by sharing on social media platforms and your website.
There are four (4) types of affiliate links on our platform:
    a. Affiliate referral. You will earn up to $2 per every active affiliate you refer with your affiliate referral link. Before you start to earn from affiliate referrals, you first need to refer at least 14 people under you within your first month after registration before you start making. Affiliates will also earn a lifetime commission from the activities of their referrals up to the 20th level.
An active referral is a referral that has at least 14 members under them.
    b. Vendor referral: Affiliates have an affiliate link of the vendor to recruit vendors to our platform. Vendor referral earns affiliates up to $2 per signup and up to 10% commission on the vendor profit the platform earns for life.
    c. Campaigns or Offers: We have campaigns or offers from our advertisers on our platform with their unique affiliate links. Each campaign has its terms and conditions. Affiliates are to review the terms of each campaign and agree before promoting the offer. New affiliates are to send at least 100 visitors to at least ten campaigns before they are eligible to earn. This is required for quality checks.

    d. Program: We also have different affiliate programs from our advertisers in the affiliate and the vendor portal. Affiliates can join these programs and earn from promoting them.
We pay our affiliates for link visits, signups, sales and custom actions.
After you earn from promoting your affiliate link, you go to the last step.

    3. Request for withdrawal.
After earning on Empac Affiliate, you can request a withdrawal when you reach the minimum of $20.
Our team will review your withdrawal request and process it.
The first withdrawal is Net 30, and the subsequent ones will be weekly and monthly. Refer to our FAQs and terms to understand this.

It is easy to make money from Empac Affiliates, but you need to work hard. The first month you join an affiliate is crucial for your success. After you register, your work is to recruit at least 14 active affiliates under you and send at least 100 valid visitors to 10 campaigns for quality checks. Without this, you cannot earn on Empac Affiliate.
Do not refer yourself by creating fake accounts. Your account will be suspended if you engage in fraudulent referrals and clicks.

How to promote
Promoting your affiliate link is the main work. Join Facebook groups, Telegram groups, Whatsapp groups, your status and all other media you can reach people. 
Share your affiliate links to your friends and families, organize seminars in your area, and train people to recruit others. The more active affiliates you have under you, the more successful you will be on our platform.
If you have a website, promote us on your website, and write or blog about us. Please start your own social media pages and promote us. Use print media if you have the means.
Do not forget email and SMS marketing; they are helping a lot of our affiliates.
Research other promotional techniques and be creative. It is all about people visiting your affiliate link and engaging with offers. Think about how to reach more people with your affiliate link and reach them.


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